Suitable scenarios and introduction of different primary filters

Primary filter it is currently divided into two kinds of frame, a central frame, an aluminum frame. Then the process is also generally divided into a gross material three.
It is this kind of keel frame structure.
Another kind is this kind of depot discount structure.
Choose this primary filter, keel frame structure it is relatively high strength.
And then this.
The advantage of the folding process is that it has more folds, high quality, and long service life.
And this thing also does not also affect its cleaning, is also easy to clean. The filter media we use are relatively speaking are resistant to water washing chlorine.
The keel structure.
This filter cotton is thicker then um resistance will be higher, but its volume is much higher.
The use of a longer period of time.
Generally, hospitals will choose this kind of process inside the discount process
Generally speaking, it is relatively speaking, than other manufacturers do a little denser, increasing its effective filtration area, resistance is lower, energy consumption is also lower.
There is also this nine six, nine six, some manufacturers are doing keel, we can also do keel, but I prefer to recommend this.
Relatively speaking, the cost is a little lower.
Independent first with a longer time.
Uh, if you want to directly replace the cartridge inside later, it is also possible to achieve.
And the convenience of their own can be, the user can replace this cartridge.

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