Maintenance details of all parts of medium efficiency filter

Now more and more people are using medium-efficiency filter, which is a product that can improve the quality of our living air. Many people know that when using the medium-efficiency filter, we also need to maintain the product, so that we can use it better and bring us more fresh air. So what needs to be done in this respect? Longma Environmental Protection Equipment will provide you with relevant information.
Generally speaking, we all know that cleaning is necessary, but it should be noted that the cleaning methods are different for different materials. But there are many problems to pay attention to when cleaning, so those who don't know about the medium-efficiency filter should pay attention to it, or you should not clean it yourself, and choose professional after-sales service to deal with it, so as to have better protection.
Or replace the filter directly, which is also a good way. After all, medium-efficiency filters also need to be replaced within a certain period of time, so as to better play the effect of medium-efficiency filters. This requires us to do a good job of understanding, so as to know when the best time is to replace.
The air supply duct also needs to be maintained, so that the air can be fresh and our air quality can become better. Because there will be some substances in the air duct more or less after a long time of use, which has a certain impact, so you can choose Longma Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. for treatment, and you can only use the medium efficiency filter for a longer time after the maintenance.

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