Two-chamber RTO and its operating principle

Purifying organic waste gas with RTO, as mentioned above, belongs to thermal combustion. For general RTO purification devices, at least two regenerators are usually required to operate. A typical RTO is mainly composed of two regenerators and a combustion chamber connected at the top. The general regenerator section can be directional or circular, in which the regenerator is filled. Generally, ceramic materials with good high temperature resistance are used as heat storage; The structure and shape of the heat storage body are the same as the ceramic fillers commonly used in the chemical process, which are divided into two materials: bulk packing (such as ceramic rectangular saddle ring) and regular packing (such as ceramic honeycomb packing). An auxiliary burner is set in the combustion chamber, which can be burned with oil or natural gas as fuel. The main purpose of the auxiliary burner is to heat the regenerator to a certain temperature when starting, or when the concentration of combustibles in the exhaust gas is low, it is necessary to supplement fuel to maintain the reaction temperature required by the fuel chamber. The regenerator and combustion chamber are both built with refractory bricks and insulated with ceramic fiber; In order to facilitate maintenance, a manhole is usually set at one side of the combustion chamber. No metal in the device is exposed in the high temperature zone, and the switching valve, gate, etc. in contact with the high temperature gas have different thermal insulation measures. Based on the high heat storage capacity of refractories, even when the composition of exhaust gas or the calorific value of combustible fluctuates, the combustion chamber can maintain a uniform temperature distribution.

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