Principle of prolonging service life of air filter

So what is a filter? The dictionary defines the filter as a device for filtering foreign particles in liquid or gas, and the air filter is a device.
Filter out foreign particles in the air.
In the air we breathe, there may be millions of invisible particles, such as oil, moisture and dust.
This year, an air compressor gathered to make compressed air there.
The compressed air is then injected into the drive unit as the working fluid.
So what happens when the raw compressed air enters the equipment?
These particles will cause many problems in the operation of the equipment, so it is necessary to continuously filter the particles and purify the air through the air filter.
Now let's see why we should use the air filter, and what will happen if we don't use it. In addition, we will learn how it works.
About how it verifies air quality.
Why is it absolutely necessary to use air filter? You can assume that as long as you use it as it is, there will be no major problems.
But as I mentioned earlier, there are millions of particles in the air.
They include oil, water, dust, carbon and even heavy metals.
If compressed air containing such particles is not purified when used, a large number of particles may be formed in the driving device, thus polluting the engine.
In the economic and effective operation.
In the long run, it will even shorten the service life of the product.
The use of filters can prevent nursing staff from having such problems.
By removing particles in compressed air, it can prevent failures caused by foreign particles and prevent failures in long-term operation.
It links them with the product life, thus saving maintenance costs and replacement costs.
Let's see how the air filter purifies the air.
We will use the internal structure diagram to check the process of compressed air entering and leaving the filter in detail.
The first compressed air enters the air filter through the filter.
Next, the compressed air contacts the deflector. The deflector looks like an electric fan, which allows the compressor to rotate quickly.
Evenly distributed along the spiral surface.
Due to the effect of the deflector, the compressed air will soon fall off and fall to the bottom in the future.
At this time, due to the central anthropomorphic force, the heavier and larger particles of dust, water and oil will hit the wound.
Fall and gather at the bottom of the ball.
The particles in the air are very small.
Light weight after passing the filter element.
In the middle of the filter.
Here, the baffle blocks the particles collected at the bottom of the ball.
Due to the strong wind of compressed air, it is discharged from the outlet.
After several times of filtration, particles accumulate at the bottom of the ball.
It can discharge beyond the dream at the bottom of the filter.
There are two ways: automatic train type automatic emission and manual emission when particles accumulate to a certain amount.
Release particles by rotating or pressing a hand.
If the filter operation rate is high, it will be more convenient to use automatic periodic discharge. The operation rate is low.
You should select the type of manual unloading as required.
Finally, we will take a look at the filter rate.
The particle filtration rate of the filter element for removing impurity particles is expressed in microns. This is a very small science. One micron is equal to one millimeter.
When purchasing a filter, the micro-unit in the product specification is less than a number.
They are smaller than particles that can be filtered out. Please check the filter selection guide table for reference when purchasing products.
You will see that the use environment will change,
I summarized the filtering speed of some KC filters and the equipment they usually use.
The kf model with a filtration rate of 5 microns is usually used for general pneumatic equipment, such as general industrial automation equipment.
It is recommended to block, except around.
On the other hand, the kfu model has a very high zero filtration rate. When the pipette is used for precision measuring instruments and cleaning, it can be removed.
I need a high degree of cleanliness.
Therefore, before purchasing a filter, you should first check the filter rate written on the product specification to purchase the product that is most suitable for your use environment.

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