High efficiency filter cleaning and leak detection standards

As the leak detection test of high efficiency filter and the technology is improving, the role played in the clean room is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, it is believed that the development of high efficiency filter technology will be better in the near future.


The cleaning role of high efficiency filter

  High efficiency filter adopts high-frequency vibration for cleaning dust, which purges the larger dust particles that enter the appearance of the filter bag as much as possible, and does not affect the fastness of fiber entanglement, and insists that the filter bag has good peeling resistance. In the dry, semi-dry desulfurization system, there is a further reduction of the role of the flue gas contained in the acrobatics.

  High efficiency filter leak detection standard

  For high efficiency filter leak detection we should confirm the high efficiency filter and the supporting static pressure box after installing the high efficiency filter to see if the leakage is found to be within the specified allowable range. If it is confirmed that the high efficiency filter is qualified, then we can ensure the safe operation of the clean room. It is also important to make the distinction that the leak detection after the installation of the high efficiency filter is different from the manufacturer's efficiency test. The latter is only a test of the efficiency and related performance of the reverse osmosis filter, while the former is a leak test of a variety of factors during the installation process.

  Filter leak testing process

  In leak testing, we introduce aerosols from the upwind side of the HEPA filter and leak test the downwind side. We check whether there is any leakage in the reverse osmosis filter media, gaskets, etc. of the high efficiency filter. If there is interference in the process of leak detection, we can add isolation cover at the air outlet and test inside the cover. Special attention should be paid to the leak detection between the filter and the mounting frame, which can be carried out from these two aspects respectively, but the interference of the volume suction airflow should be excluded.

  I believe that through the above introduction, you should have an understanding of the methods related to leak detection of high-efficiency filters, and if you encounter such problems, I believe that they can be solved. At the same time, the environmental requirements of various industries are increasing, and the role played by high efficiency filters has obvious changes to environmental protection.

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